Can I Upgrade My Ford SYNC® to SYNC® 3?

Driving a used Ford around Grinnell that has the first-generation Ford SYNC® system? If so, you may have asked yourself, "Can I upgrade my Ford SYNC® to SYNC® 3?" The SYNC® 3 is the latest generation of this infotainment system, and it boasts a number of exclusive features. Unfortunately, it's not possible to upgrade older versions to the newer one, since vehicles equipped with SYNC® 3 have specific hardware installed.

Still, there's plenty to love about the original Ford SYNC® system, and if it's time to get a new vehicle, you always have the option to select a model equipped with the latest technology. Either way, learn how to "Sync my ride" to enhance your Marshalltown commutes with this guide from Gregg Young Ford of Newton!

Ford SYNC® Highlights

The first-generation Ford SYNC® system features the following:

  • Hands-Free Commands: Place and answer phone calls, respond to text messages, and request specific playlists or podcasts via voice command. 

  • Ford AppLink®: Connect to your favorite mobile apps, navigating with voice commands and steering-wheel-mounted controls.

  • SYNC® Entertainment: Request a certain genre of music for SYNC® to provide a unique playlist, or access your favorite audiobooks via Bluetooth®.

  • SYNC® Media Hub: Charge your device on the go with a convenient USB port, or install SYNC® updates with a flash drive.

Ford SYNC® Safety Features

In addition to the various connectivity and entertainment amenities offered by Ford SYNC®, there are many safety features available, as well. For example, 911 Assist enables you to call for help in the event of a collision via Bluetooth®. And if you are unable to make the call yourself, SYNC® will automatically get in touch with emergency responders and provide the necessary details, such as location, time, and more.

Ford SYNC® 3 Highlights

When you're ready to get behind the wheel of a new Ford Escape or new Ford Fusion equipped with the Ford SYNC® 3 system, with highlights including:

  • Ford+Alexa

  • SYNC® Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • SiriusXM® Traffic and Travel Link®

  • Android Auto compatibility

Sync Your Ride at Gregg Young Ford of Newton!

The original Ford SYNC® may not offer some of the advanced technology that comes with Ford SYNC® 3, but there is still plenty to glean from the first-generation system. However you prefer to drive around Knoxville, keep in mind that we can help you upgrade to the new system with a trade-in and our new vehicle specials.