What's Included in the Ford Warranty?

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What happens when your 3-year/36,000-mile Ford factory warranty and 5-year powertrain warranty expire on your new Ford vehicle? Don't worry, you won't be left stranded in Grinnell without warranty coverage. In fact, there are a number of extended service plans available, and there's sure to be one for your needs and budget. What is included in the Ford warranty? That depends on which plan you select. Explore your options with Gregg Young Ford of Newton!

Ford Protect Extended Service Plans

Take your pick from four available Ford Protect Extended Service Plans. As you peruse your options, you'll realize that each one adds coverage for more components, but that extra coverage comes with a higher price tag.

  • PowertrainCARE: If your engine and related components are your biggest concern, then the PowertrainCARE plan is right for you. Twenty-nine components within your engine, transmission, and drivetrain are covered. Remember, though, that this plan is not comprehensive, even within the powertrain. That means that components like the radiator aren't covered, for example, but major parts are.

  • BaseCARE: Secure more coverage from the BaseCARE plan, which includes 84 components, such as steering, front suspension, air conditioning and heating, brakes, and electrical aspects of your vehicle. Again, don't expect total coverage.

  • ExtraCARE: Spring for the ExtraCARE plan to cover 113 components, including technology and convenience features. That means the niceties you've added on, such as keyless entry, are covered. However, more advanced technologies like Ford SYNC®, unfortunately, do not receive coverage.

  • PremiumCARE: If full coverage is your idea of peace of mind on the Marshalltown roads, then go with PremiumCARE, as it covers more than 1,000 components. With this plan, you can expect nearly everything to be covered on your vehicle.

Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan

Don't let routine maintenance fall to the wayside when your Ford factory warranty ends. If you're like us, you want your vehicle to last as long as possible so that you can get around Knoxville, and that requires regular oil changes, inspections, and tire rotations. Make it easy with the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance plan, which covers these tasks and more. The team at Gregg Young Ford of Newton can get you set up and on track with your Ford maintenance schedule under the Premium Maintenance plan.

Select Your Ford Extended Warranty at Gregg Young Ford

Whether you've recently financed a new Ford model or your current vehicle has a warranty that will soon expire, it's important to know your extended warranty options. At Gregg Young Ford of Newton, we're happy to help you figure out the best plan for you! Get in touch with any questions, and don't hesitate to schedule your warranty-covered service with us!