What is Ford Credit?

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As the financial branch of the Ford Motor Company, Ford Credit provides Grinnell drivers with various options to get behind the wheel of a new Ford vehicle. What's more, this Ford financing program proves flexible enough to accommodate a range of financial situations. Gregg Young Ford of Newton shares some details on Ford Credit below.

Buying vs. Leasing

Ford Credit offers Marshalltown drivers with the opportunity to buy or lease the Ford model of their choice. There are three available plans, detailed below:


  • Standard Purchase: A standard purchase with Ford Credit promises flexible payment terms and unlimited customization of your vehicle. Financing in this manner also negates mileage limitations and wear and tear charges. What's more, you build equity with each loan payment. New, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles all qualify for the Standard Purchase plan.

  • Flex Buy: Enjoy a special payment plan with lower payments during the first few years with the Flex Buy option. There are some limitations with this Ford Credit plan that you should be aware of. For example, only new vehicles are eligible to be financed in this way, and there's only one loan term available.


  • Red Carpet Lease: Leasing with Ford Credit affords Knoxville drivers with plenty of flexibility and benefits. There are a variety of lease terms available, for instance, and seven mileage limits from which you can choose. There's also the Advance Payment Program, through which you can settle every lease payment in a lump sum rather than pay monthly to save some cash. Take advantage of the lease-end opportunities promoted by the Red Carpet Lease - simply return the vehicle, buy out the leased car at a previously determined price, or buy or lease a different Ford model.

Benefits of Ford Credit

The Ford Credit program keeps the best interest of Grinnell drivers in mind. Here are some benefits of Ford Credit:

  • Helpful resources if you're new to the car buying process.

  • Personal assistance from Ford finance specialists.

  • Guidance should you have an accident, fall ill, or require payment relief if you are a victim of a natural disaster.

Finance with Ford Credit at Gregg Young Ford of Newton

Turn to Ford Credit if you want to buy or lease a new Ford Escape or new Ford F-150. Get in touch with Gregg Young Ford of Newton to start the financing process, and our Finance Center will work to get you behind the wheel of your dream car in no time! Before you visit, check out our incentives and offers, and explore your Ford warranty options.